Tips for becoming a good raider

    1. Know the fights: Running the raids with other people outside the guild is a good way to start learning the mechanics for guild runs. Raids can easily be joined by going to Premade Groups > Raids > and type in the raid you are looking for. There is a lot of confusion on the raiding system so let me try to clear some of it up:

      1a.Normal and Heroic raids are LOOT based raids. This means that you can partake in emerald nightmare, trials of valor, or nighthold multiple times throughout a week. The ‘catch’ is that you can only loot from each boss once a week. Hypothetically, if you weren’t comfortable with a raid the guild was running this Friday, you could pre-run it to get familiar with mechanics using ‘premade groups’ earlier in the week and still be able to run it with the guildies on Friday. You are not locked out (you just may not be able to loot again if you have beaten that boss this week). If you don’t prefer to do that, run a different raid you are not familiar with so by the time the guild gets to it, you already have some information in your back pocket.
      1b. Mythic difficulty is different and only allows you to enter one per week. Once you have taken down a boss from that instance, you are locked to that raid group. If you get kicked, or leave, you will not be able to continue that instance with another group later on.

    2. Be EARLY and Ready: This means to be at the raid before the start time, with your flasks, food, and/or runes ready to go. We won’t be waiting for everyone to show up late anymore — This is an inconvenience to those who are responsible. If you plan on attending and will be late, it would be best to let a raid leader know that so we can plan for it. If the number of attendees are short on a particular raid night, we will just start PUG’ing it so the events can go on as planned.

    3. Character Development: Focus on specializing one spec on one character. This doesn’t mean that you have to donate 100% of your time to one char, but it should be around 80% if you are serious about raiding and want to get your character to a level that can progress throughout the different raids and difficulties. Your DPS should be between 200-300K for normal, and 300-500K for heroic.